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The Worst Video Game Movies of the Last 10 Years

Video game movies are one of the most popular genres in Hollywood. Unfortunately, a majority of these adaptations have fallen flat with audiences and critics. Due to the bad reputation these films get, it is easy to see why productions for The Last of Us and God of War have been put in development limbo for years.

Explore Talent brings you a list that focuses on video game movies that ended up being massive disappointments to the franchises they were based on. Read all about them below.

Video Game Movies You Wish Never Happened

1. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)

Worst Video Game Movies

The Final Fantasy games are the most beloved RPGs of all time. After Final Fantasy VII allowed the franchise to break new grounds, the company decided that it was time to create a stand-alone film. The result was a photo-realistic animated movie entitled Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, which at that time was beautiful to watch unfold onscreen.

But other than being a visually stunning movie, the plot and voice acting failed to reflect the magic of Final Fantasy, and critics weren’t shy about pointing that out. Things only seemed to get worse for Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. The film ended up bombing at the box office during its entire run, earning a measly $85 million against a $137 million budget.

2. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009)


Chun-Li is an iconic character from the Street Fighter games, so this straight-to-video film almost felt like an insult to the fans. The movie features Kristin Kreuk in the titular role. As Chun-Li, the actress is dull and completely uninspiring. The same thing can be said about the rest of the cast, the script, and the cheap action scenes.

3. Hitman (2007 and 2012)

Timothy Olyphant-–-Hitman-2007 (1)

Both Hitman films starred great Hollywood actors Timothy Olyphant and Rupert Fiend. Despite their star power, they ended up being completely flawed. For one thing, producers strayed away from the source material, changing everything from the characters to the actual plot. Critics were quick to point out the confusing story line, dry acting, and use of extreme violence.

4. BloodRayne (2006)


BloodRayne is a popular video game that inspired a number of novels, comics, and a movie that most fans wish was never created in the first place. The BloodRayne adaptation would go on to bomb at the box office and then find itself on several worst video game movies lists—including this one. The film was nominated for a shocking six Golden Raspberry Awards including Worst Actress for Kristanna Loken, Worst Director for Uwe Boll, and Worst Supporting Actor for Sir Ben Kingsley. 

Despite the backlash, Boll continued to expand the BloodRayne franchise only to be met with even more negative response. According to reports, the director decided to hire prostitutes instead of actresses to save money. Cast member Michael Madsen deeply regretted his participation in the film, bluntly calling it an “abomination.”

5. Max Payne (2005)

Max Payne

Max Payne is a neo-noir action game that revolves around a man who is on a mission to hunt down the people responsible for murdering his family and framing him for killing his own partner. Despite the strong premise, critics, especially fans of the game, were quick to pan the movie. One of the biggest criticisms involved changing the entire story line. The decision to do so prompted producer Scott Miller to issue a public statement, saying that he felt compelled to let audiences know why Max was seeking revenge in the first place.