Top Models Spill Their Coveted Beauty Secrets

Surprisingly, looking like a model doesn’t cost that much. Models don’t go over the top with the skincare and beauty regimen, often going for products that are either affordable or found in the drugstore. Although they do swear by expensive products every once in a while, but do know that affordable dupes are available within your reach.

So other than the normal exercise and eight glasses of water a day routine, read on to find out what beauty secrets do these top models follow and how you can apply them for yourself.

1. Candice Swanepoel


The South African blonde bombshell is a natural beauty, but even Candice Swanopoel has occasional skin breakouts every once in a while. Speaking to Yahoo! Lifestyle, she shared, “Because I wear a lot of make-up for work, it’s really important to keep my skin clean after work so I use a great natural face wash, Tea Tree Oil, and Green Tea. I use organic coconut oil to take my make-up off, I also add it to my smoothies to keep my skin glowing. It’s a great all round natural beauty product.”

Tea tree oil and green tea inhibit natural antioxidants, while coconut oil can work as a good makeup remover if you skin is sensitive to those available in stores.

2. Shanina Shaik


Shanina Shaik has to be one of the most beautiful faces out there. But it’s her long, raven locks that capture people’s attention. Shaik keeps her hair looking healthy by making sure that it retains its natural oil through shampooing every three days. She also sticks to her conditioning routine every single day, which includes starting mid length and working her way to the tips.

3. Iman


Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid, or mostly known around the world as Iman has a enviable glowing skin. The supermodel has established herself as being part of an incomparable generation in fashion. Most people would love to know how Iman has remained beautiful after all these years. In an interview with Elle, she does let people in one of her signature beauty tricks.

“My beauty tip is bronzer. Regardless of whether you’re light-skinned or dark-skinned, wear bronzer. Put it on the periphery of the face, the décolletage, and the cheeks. It always makes you look like you just came from Ibiza! As for my fitness tip: corsets!”

4. Liu Wen

maxresdefault (1)

Often dubbed as the first Asian supermodel, Liu Wen undeniably brings a high fashion look into the scene. But the Estee Lauder ambassador says that good skincare definitely takes time. “Skin care is a long-term process,” she explained to Elle magazine. “You cannot be lazy about it.” Wen packs on the SPF especially during long haul flights, and she also consumes food that are rich in Vitamin C.

Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits and other natural products, they give a brightening effect to the skin. Wen also stresses on the disadvantage of eating oily foods, as this causes the skin to swell since the body has difficulty in digesting all these unwanted oils. As for SPF, find a sunblock that has both high SPF and moisturizing effects to keep your skin protected from ultraviolet rays.

5. Karlie Kloss


This former Victoria’s Secret angel is one of fashion’s biggest rising stars. To keep her body clean and healthy, she needs to resort to exercise but found out that there was a catch in doing so. Kloss found that she regularly broke out whenever she wore makeup, so she decided to use a good pore cleaning strip to get rid of that problem.

6. Coca Rocha


Supermodel and reigning queen of poses Coca Rocha knows the struggle of wearing heavy makeup. So she rewards her skin by opting for a makeup free look whenever she isn’t doing any modeling jobs.

“The best thing is just to make sure to take off all that makeup at night and cleanse, and in the morning, do the exact same thing,” she said. “I always try to let my face breathe as much as I can.”

7. Heidi Klum


The German supermodel always has that perfectly bronzed skin, but she doesn’t necessarily bake herself in the sun as she does know the consequences. Prolonged sun exposure can cause premature aging, and in extreme cases, skin cancer. So Klum resorts to using commercial bronzer to get an equally beautiful and safer effect.

“I learned not to go in the sun early on in my career. A tan lasts for a week or two before it fades, and the sun is so damaging—it’s not worth it. I put sunscreen on my kids every day before school and before they play outside. They know the routine,” she told Allure.