Tips for Actors Who Want to Develop Confidence

Glaring lights, unforgiving cameras, and dozens of cast and crew watching—that is not exactly the most comfortable setting to find yourself in on a regular basis.

Unfortunately for actors, this is what it means to work, and some days are more difficult than others. Still, as an actor you have to appear confident, no matter what. Good thing, confidence is something that can be developed, and here are some tips to fake it until you make it:

Dress to impress and express

If you dress properly, you will feel good about yourself. Looking your best doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put on expensive garb. Have you ever heard of dressing the way you want to be treated? It also applies to yourself, so when you dress properly, your self-confidence grows. Do yourself a favor and put more effort on how you look today.

Never stop learning

Those who say that knowledge is power know this to be true. Empower yourself by learning about different things is one of the best ways to build self-confidence. By being knowledgeable about different topics, you are empowering yourself to learn. Research and studying is great, and using the internet makes information available at your fingertips, but don’t stop there – learn about people who were able to achieve the dreams that you have. Follow their steps to success or learn from their mistakes, the possibilities are endless.

Stand tall and proud

People who stand tall automatically look better than those with bad posture. When you slouch, you look even less confident than you already do, so force yourself to straighten your spine, throw your shoulders back and keep your chin up. Looking confident means you are already halfway to feeling that way too.

Focus on solutions, not problems

There is a solution for every problem, so if you think there is something about you that is hindering your potential, focus on trying to fix them. Do you feel fat? Eat healthier and exercise. Do you think you’re not good enough for your role? Practice. Practice in front of the mirror. Practice in front of an audience. Practice in front of the camera. Practice until you get it right. Find a solution to every problem that pops up and focus on how to make things better. Eventually, your problem will just disappear.

Find an inspiration

If you know someone who looks confident in his own skin, follow the things that they do. Mold yourself according to their behaviors and attitude. Speak with them and ask for advice. If this is not possible, think of how you see them carry themselves in public and copy them. Do they smile a lot? Do they wave to reporters whose cameras and microphones are pointed at them? Follow their movements and make them your own. Embody their spirit, if you will.

Remember the power of attraction

Negativity has no place in the performing arts. Building self-esteem to level up, ignore the nagging voice telling you that you can’t do it because the truth is that you can, you can do anything you set your mind to. Remember the power of attraction—focus on the things you want more and you will attract it. Positive thoughts turn into positive experiences.

Do not underestimate the magic of your imagination

When doing something for the first time, don’t think about the things that could go wrong. Instead, try being positive about it. Imagine that you have already done that thing in the past. Close your eyes and vividly imagine doing it for the first time. Sometimes, you can trick your mind into turning that vivid imagination a semblance of reality. Once you see yourself doing something, it’s not too difficult to imagine doing the same thing for a second time.

Be ready for the worst

Be ready for the worst that can happen but in a more positive sense. For instance, asking yourself the worst that can happen could lead to realizing that the worst may not be so bad. Most people put too much importance on problems that could or could not happen. While preparing yourself for the worst of the worst applies to relationships with other people, it is a waste of time to do the same thing when it comes to your career.  What’s the worst that can happen, you get to be dealing with rejection for the role? Get another audition. You embarrass yourself? John Travolta’s Oscar faux pas last year is already forgotten. Stop wasting too much time worrying, and instead, focus on how you can make yourself better in your craft.

Do you have any other tips to help others gain confidence in themselves?