Becoming an Actress

A Simple Guide to Becoming an Actress in Hollywood or Broadway

Do you dream of becoming the next Emma Stone, Viola Davis, or Meryl Streep? Then you have come to right place. Becoming an actress can be very rewarding as it is often regarded as one of the highly esteemed professions out there. But like every success story, no good thing comes without hard work.

If you think that the acting business is something for you, then here are few pointers on how to get your career going.

A 3-Step Formula to Becoming an Actress

1. Hone your skills

Acting Lesson

Aside from harboring the same dream, one thing that successful actresses have in common is a proven set of acting skills. By attending acting classes, you get to discover your strengths and weaknesses as a performer. You just might discover if the stage is your thing, or if you are better fit for comedy and improvisation.

Aside from acting lessons, you can always do some research on your own. There’s a variety of books that can help you familiarize with the different acting techniques and how you can adopt them yourself. Some examples include Audition by Michael Shurtleff and An Actor Prepares by Constantin Stanislavski.

2. Ready, set, audition!


After weeks of honing your acting skills, the next step to becoming an actress is to audition. Auditions can be daunting, and there is always that possibility that you won’t get the part. After all, there are hundreds of aspiring performers eyeing the same dream as you are. But don’t let those negative thoughts stop you! Did you know director Dino de Laurentiis turned Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep away as he thought she was too ugly for the lead role in King Kong? Now Streep has more Oscar nominations than any other actor or actress and is one of the six actors to have won three or more Oscars for acting.

Before you head out to audition for your chosen roles, here are a few things that you might want to prepare before you get going:

  • Headshots
  • A demo reel
  • A talent agent
  • Your Actors’ Equity card or SAG-AFTRA card

Note: the difference between an Actors’ Equity Card and a SAG-AFTRA Card is that the former is the stage actors’ union. You get to enjoy benefits such as health insurance, fair wages, and access to workshops. SAG-AFTRA, on the other hand, ensures higher-paying jobs. It basically has the same benefits as an Equity Card, except you have more audition opportunities as well as access to high-profile gigs.

3. Land the roles

Winning Awards

With an agent, you gain access to nearest auditions around you. You can also go around searching for acting opportunities yourself. It is important to follow the guidelines stated in the audition. If you are asked to dress in semi-formal, then do not go thinking that you should dress up extravagantly just to gain attention.

Remember, things might not go exactly as planned, so it is important to develop thick skin if you want to survive the acting industry. Keep trying out and auditioning, this will be part of your career to the very end!