New Headshots

Showbiz Advice: When Should You Take New Headshots?

By now, you have probably submitted your headshots to several casting directors already. A good headshot plays a major factor in your acting career. During auditions, the first thing an agent takes note of is that photo of you in their hands. That said, it is best that you constantly update your headshots.

This probably brings you to the question, how often do you need to take new headshots? In general, older actors need to update their headshots every other year. As for child actors, the minimum time period is every six months due to rapid growth spurts. If you happen to find yourself called out often for not looking like your headshot, then it might be time to fix things.

4 Reasons Why It’s Time to Take New Headshots

1. Physical changes

Time to Take New Headshots

Weight loss, plastic surgery, and even a dramatic hair change should be enough to convince you to get new headshots. While it may be easy to cover this up with makeup or hair extensions during your audition, you’ll still need to give casting directors a raw canvas so they know what they’re working with.

2. Outdated trends

Outdated Looks

This is why you should never wear trendy or seasonal outfits when taking headshots. Scan through your photos and check if your overall attire looks and feels outdated. If they do, it is time to call a photographer and schedule another shoot. This time, maybe you want to stick to more toned-down and basic attires. Your outdated hairstyle and wardrobe will serve as a red flag for casting directors as it could be an indication that you aren’t too serious about booking the job.

3. You are hardly booking jobs

Gifts of Rejection

If you are not doing well in the business, then chances are, your old headshot could be responsible for destroying your job opportunities. The entertainment industry is all about looks and what better way to market yourself around than getting an eye-catching headshot? Do not be afraid to ask for input from other professionals and let them point out what you need to do to improve your photos. Better yet, consult a professional photographer. It may cost you money, but their expert advice will definitely be worth the investment.

4. Your agent asks you take new headshots

Acting Headshot

A good agent should be able to provide you with constructive criticism every once in a while. In most cases, they will ask you to change your headshot when they feel that it does not represent you well. It is best to take their advice into consideration as agents really know their way around the business.