Tips in Preparing for a Last-Minute Audition

Sometimes acting auditions can come at the last minute. You may receive an overnight call from your agent informing you of a scheduled casting call the following day or worse, you could receive the notice the same day. Rather than letting the opportunity pass, it is best to get yourself ready for the audition because this could be your shot into getting the role you have been eyeing for a while now.

No matter how inconvenient last-minute auditions can be, it isn’t anything new in the industry so it is best to handle situations like this like a pro. Although there is no guarantee since it is up to your performance and the casting director if they want you for a role, but it does help to arrive ready.

Here are some helpful tips in preparing for a last-minute audition.

1. Do your research

young woman with laptop

Doing your research for a certain audition won’t require one whole day to do so. Give your undivided attention to get helpful details on the role you are auditioning for as well as the production team. The more equipped you are, the more confident you become. Do steer clear of cramming all the information in your head, though, and stick with the important details only.

2. Study your audition piece


Read over your audition piece, and if this role is well worth having, then you should have the drive to nail during the actual audition. Internalize what is needed for the scene. Do you have a partner? Will this require comedy? Do you need to do character improvisation?

No matter what, you need to clear your head and think about what the casting directors have in mind for that specific character. One trick is to not stress over memorizing your lines if you don’t want to come out delivering them like a robot. Instead, gather your skill in improvisation so you can come off like a natural. Remember that in an audition, the casting directors are not looking for who memorizes their lines the best, but who looks the most natural when delivering them.

3. Shake off anxiety


While it is normal for acting auditions to get into your nerves, it is best to try hard not to let them show. Auditions may be intimidating, so how much more are spontaneous ones? The trick in overcoming this is by trying to remain as calm as possible. Do breathing exercises, meditate, and get some fresh air. Let it sink in that the audition is going to happen and be over with soon.

4. If you cancel your audition, let all those involved know


Last-minute auditions are difficult since they require you to be at a certain place and at a specific time, even if you have other things going on. Do prioritize what is best for you at all costs. Should you decide to pass out on the audition, call your agent and everyone involved as well. That way, you can still keep your professional credibility in the business.

5. Accept whatever the outcome of your audition is


Your audition can simply go both ways: you can get a callback or you can end up being rejected. Either way, trying out is better than not trying at all. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get the part and still be open into challenging yourself when it comes to last-minute auditions. The more spontaneous you are, the more flexible you become to various situations. Should you get the part or even a callback, then thank the casting director and everyone involved as well. If not, list down the things where you went wrong and try to improve them in the future. No actor is perfect, so they need to find more and more ways to become better in their chosen field every day.

Every actor knows that the acting industry is unpredictable, and that there would be numerous changes when it comes to schedule. So when there is a rushed audition in the way, it isn’t necessarily a requirement for you to be up for the challenge. But remember, if you can take the amount of pressure that a rushed audition has, then you can count on yourself to progress in the business.