Helpful Tips in Posing Like a Top Model

It is old news that not all models can pose. But since it is a crucial part of a model’s career, you have no choice but to learn it as this can bring your career further up a step. A model poses just about anywhere, in print ads or fashion shows so regardless if a photographer is around or not, any professional model must learn how to perfect his or her pose.

But as you might have guessed, not everyone can perfect their pose in a snap. Even the most seasoned models needed to undergo numerous training to hone their skills. Looks alone won’t be enough to get you places, neither will you ever be instructed to just sit there and look pretty should you be able to book a campaign anytime soon. Modeling poses need to come naturally, so that’s the first thing you need to keep in mind as no photographer wants to shoot someone who looks uncomfortable with what they’re doing.

Here are some other helpful tips below when it comes to posing like a model.

1. Be knowledgeable on basic model poses

Gisele Bundchen Modeling Pose Photoshoot N White Background

The thing about modeling is that it’s basically redundant, but despite that redundancy, it’s up to the model to make herself¬†stand out. If you ever enter a model posing class or study the poses of seasoned professionals, then you’ll see that there are a lot of poses that come back and forth. But the key to making them work is how you master them.

Start with the basics: the slight slouch coupled with the head held high. That pose is best done when the body is relaxed. Just like the art of ballet, it doesn’t matter how intricate their dance is, if done with a stiff body than it won’t work. Keep in mind that elongating your neck will create the illusion of a taller height. Do all this while remembering to look elegant and edgy at the same time.

2. Give life to your body


Remember this isn’t you posing for awkward family photos, this is an actual campaign. There is no photographer in this world who’d end up instructing you to act dead on the camera, even if you did portray someone in a coffin the fashion industry expects you to still give life to that photoshoot. Giving life is all about full body movement. You may enhance this either by practicing on your own or even enrolling in dance classes, that way you would end up being more familiar with your body movement. Go for whatever works for you in the end.

3. Find your best angle


You should know your face well, so study some old photos where you look best to better know your angles. Unless instructed to face directly at the camera, then the best angle is usually one wherein your nose is pointed away. Your eyes can still point at it should you be required to still remain eye contact.

The best angle involves highlighting the feature that you know looks best. If you happen to have a killer jawline, then enhance that choosing an angle that flatters it.

4. Do not cover your face


Nobody likes looking pensive, so keep your hands or arms away from one of your biggest assets: your face. A model’s face is important as it brings additional life to your photo. Print models are usually given instructions to smile, so give the most sincere and natural one you got. For couture models, you can squint your eyes to create that Vogue¬†top model look.

5. Don’t go over the top sexy on the poses


Victoria’s Secret models are given lingerie to pose in, but they never end up looking cheap or tacky when the photos come out. Why? Because they know the fine line between sexy and downright scandalous. These ladies are provocative but they continue to sell because they have class. So take a cue from professional lingerie models, who know how to market their product without having to sell themselves out in the end.

6. Do a variety of poses


Don’t stick with one pose just because it looks flattering on you. There is a reason why you were booked for the campaign in the first place. If you choose to be stagnant, then chances are you won’t be given modeling jobs in the future. So mix up your poses and make sure to look good and confident for the camera as well.