Naomi Campbell Shares Lifestyle and Beauty Tips

Naomi Campbell got into the modeling industry at the age of 15 after she was discovered by a casting agent and asked to try modeling herself. What happened next was a long and fruitful career as she is now one of the most prominent figures in fashion to date.

With her glowing skin, slender legs, and beautiful figure, it’s hard to imagine if Naomi Campbell is really a day over forty. But regardless of how old she is, Campbell has always looked breathtakingly beautiful. Surprisingly, though, her beauty tips aren’t filled with expensive products or over-the-top exercise. Many of these are easily accessible and affordable for anyone.

So ExploreTalent has combined some of Naomi Campbell’s essential beauty and lifestyle tips to help you get the same kind of glow.

1. Exercise regime


A lot of supermodels have workout routines that need to be followed so they can continue to maintain a healthy figure, so it’s no wonder they continue to abide by them. Campbell told W magazine that she enjoys both Pilates and yoga. The benefits of both include balancing the mind, body, and spirit. With a supermodel’s schedule on hand, it’s easy to go overboard with stress and anxiety. Yoga and Pilates are known to be effective ways to combat that and will surely give a sense of relaxation while improving muscular and postural strength.

But Campbell doesn’t only count on indoor exercises to keep her fit and healthy, as she does do a grueling 90 minute workout that involves various sports to keep her agile and vitalized at the same time. Like many other models, she does weight training, kickboxing, and cardio exercises like jogging and swimming.

2. Diet plan


Campbell may have a visibly slender body, but she has never resorted to starving herself just to maintain it. Many models often make the mistake of not eating so they can lose weight. In reality, this is a severely unhealthy practice for the body. Instead, if you happen to be a model or want to maintain a certain body weight, you can take a cue from Naomi Campbell herself. She eats a lot of protein-rich food such as green and leafy vegetables. What she makes sure to stay away from are meals packed with sugar and gluten, which make the body prone to bloating and can cause fatigue.

Campbell has also admitted that she sticks to a strict vegan diet, so to deal with the problem of not being able to plan her meals once she goes for all vegetables, she schedules her intake to ensure that she stays healthy at all times.

3. Beauty


Campbell’s beauty must-have is the drugstore Zitomer. It’s known to have mid-range brands such as Clarins and other classic beauty products. She emphasizes the need to store makeup remover, eye applicators, to name a few. As a supermodel on the go, she stores these items in her bag so they usually come in a small size.

When you look that good, you have to smell good too, right? So Campbell does so by choosing her very own fragrance as her favorite to wear. That particular product is simply named Naomi Campbell and is said to have a touch of sensuality to it. According to its official Web site, ingredients include mandarin, nashi pear, peach, rose, orange blossom, freesia, vanilla, tonka bean, and musk.

4. Beauty and wellness


Every supermodel knows that beauty must be from the inside out. So the ever stunning Naomi Campbell is no exception to the rule. She keeps her skin looking vibrant despite the stress and demands of her schedule by consuming juice at least twice a week. Natural juices, in particular, are packed with antioxidants that can fight against aging by removing toxins in the body.

Campbell also admits that she splurges on wellness products instead of material things such as luxury bags and shoes. She swears by cleansing, which no doubt has contributed to her youthful glow.

In the end, it would be awesome to be able to have that Naomi Campbell look. But remember, before following any of her pieces if advice, you must know that every human body is unique, so if one product or method works for her, it might not work for you. So do remember to consult a professional before trying out anything new on your body.