ExploreTalent: Up-to-Date Nail Ideas for 2016

Nail designs will never go out of style. For models and actors, it is always safe to stick with the basics, but it never hurts to keep up with what’s hot in the style department when you get the chance to. Surprisingly, nail designs will always be a thing in the industry. People can go as far as making new trends with their face or clothes but leave out their nails. Little do they know, nail designs can be a last ditch effort in expressing yourself creatively.

If you aren’t sure with what looks could be best for you, then we have you covered! Browse through some trendy nail designs and decide what would be able to suit your personality and image.

Trendy Shapes

1. Round Square Nails


This is midway between a rounded and a square tip. Many people may say this is an oval shape, but oval shapes have more defined curves than round square nails. The best part about these nails is that it still gives you that edgy look without risking your nails from getting chipped off. The plain surface also provides for great nail art should you decide to have them designed. It’s time to let go of 2015’s stiletto nails and go for round square nails instead.

2. Pointed Nails

12241863-celebrity-nail-art-jewellery (1)

Sometimes called almond-shaped nails, this look isn’t for everyone, but it does catch attention as it has an unconventional shape. Popular celebrities like Blake Lively, Beyonce, Amber Rose, and even Lady Gaga have sported this look. It makes your nails look elongated, and it look better on those who have slender fingers. The look can be quite intimidating, but when worn with confidence, then anyone can pull this off. In countries all over Asia and Europe, this nail shape is paired off with acrylic nail designs.

3. Square Nails


Square nails are a basic must have for every person trying to figure out their nail shape. They provide a good surface for design and are best for french tips. In addition to that, square nails look the cleanest of the bunch. But be aware that you’ll need to take extra care of your nails when applying acrylic designs or if you decide to wear this shape on a daily basis as they tend to chip on the edges.

Nail Styles

1. Mustache Nails

NOTD_Movember Mustache Nail Art1

Mustache nails are a minimalist dream come true. Not only does it give you a clean but stylish look, it’s definitely a showstopper. Use a solid color as a background and add that mustache design and you’re good to go.

2. Soft Angel Nails


Soft angel nails work for all types of nail shapes, so it is no wonder this is a celebrity go-to look. It also is very flexible and works for different occasions. You don’t need to go crazy with color, even a basic white or solid red will do. This isn’t a bold look and will definitely enhance your natural nail. To achieve this look, stick to pastel colors or classic shades like red or plain white.

3. Tie and Dye Nails


Tie dye nails have finally become a thing. They are beautiful, edgy and not to mention are so bold to look at, you’ll need to pair it with an equally fun attitude. Tie & Dye nails can be achieved by combining two colors together and making sure it complements each other.

As the name implies, you’d like to achieve the same effect that tie dye shirts have. If you want it to look elegant, don’t go overboard with your color choices and stick to two shades instead. Try color combinations like pink and purple over clear nail color to achieve that polished and feminine look.

4. Atlantis Glitter Nails


Unleash your inner mermaid by going for a look that would be great for the summer and spring.┬áThis nail design would look great in any shape and is currently raking in┬álikes in social media. The best part is that you don’t have to search far and wide in your local beauty shop for the nail polish, just ask for the specific brand: China Glaze Atlantis. The funny thing about all this is that the exact same product initially came out in 2009, so this is a little throwback action coming back to be mainstream again.