Interesting Facts About Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War continues to dominate the box office since its release. Needless to say, the movie has also kept a lot of people buzzing about its engaging story line and strategic introduction of new players in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Another thing about the film that seems to be a common topic to discuss about were the lesser-known yet interesting facts about the movie. So ExploreTalent has gathered some of Captain America: Civil War‘s most fascinating trivia that have been circulating around the internet lately:

1. This isn’t the first time Aunt May and Tony Stark hooked up


Okay, hold up! It wasn’t technically Aunt May and Tony Stark, but more about the actors who portray them, namely Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. The pair who are roughly the same age starred together in Chaplin (1992) and Only You (1994). Comic book fans might not be too thrilled, though. If there really was a romance brewing between the two, then the story would really stray away from the original plot since the original Spider-Man comics has always depicted Aunt May to be an elderly woman. But either way, those who have seen the movie are totally up for it, and with Iron Man’s former love interest out of the picture for the moment, then the possibility is certainly there.

2. Chris Evans suffered injuries during filming


Chris Evans isn’t one to let an opportunity pass, so when given the chance to perform his own stunts, he makes sure to go all out. Unfortunately, when Evans did that now-infamous helicopter scene, which he dubs as “biceps porn,” the actor strained his muscles. But to make up for it, the shot did turn out great and was one of the most iconic action scenes in Marvel history.

3. Daredevil was up for a cameo


As you have probably found out through trailers, superheroes Spider-Man and Black Panther made their debut in Civil War prior to their standalone movies, which are yet to be released. But another person who was supposed to make an appearance was Matt Murdock, known to many people as Daredevil.

Now there has already been an ongoing Netflix series of the same name, and yes, Matt is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so he is technically a major player in Civil War, as written in the comics. But the actor who played Murdock, Charlie Cox, got the idea about the movie a little too late so the plan was abandoned completely.

4. Other actors were considered for the role of Spider-Man


Tom Holland wasn’t the only choice to play the popular web slinger. Although Marvel kept mum about the casting process, famous names have come out of the shortlist. A notable one is 16-year-old television actor Charlie Plummer. Plummer missed out his chance because he was too young to play the role, and under the laws on child labor, his working hours would be restricted.

Another actor on the shortlist was Asa Butterfield, who is undoubtedly the most famous name coming back and forth. Butterfield is known for his role in Ender’s Game opposite Harrison Ford as well as getting a lead role in Tim Burton‘s upcoming dark fantasy film Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

Eventually the role went to Holland, who openly auditioned by displaying some impressive gymnastics on his Instagram page.

5. Sebastian Stan is Romanian-American


Sebastian Stan, played Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Solider in all three Captain America movies, has been a key player when it comes to driving the plot around. For one scene, Bucky is in Romania and is buying plums in the country’s capital and he converses with the shopkeeper fluently. Stan didn’t need to undergo any classes so he could speak the language as it turned out the actor was actually born and raised in Constanta, Romania, prior to moving to the United States.

Another fun fact is that Stan played one of the antagonists in the popular Gossip Girl series—talk about versatile!

6. Black Panther was given an extended role


With the hype surrounding Spider-Man, there weren’t many people talking about Black Panther. The coveted role went to actor Chadwick Boseman, and in the original script, he wasn’t supposed to get a lot of talking parts. But when the production started, the movie switched gears and Black Panther played a more important role in the movie. The gamble proved to be good, as he did fit in the story line perfectly.