ExploreTalent Gives You Essential Model Go-See Tips

Go-sees are a crucial matter when it comes to every newbie model. They are a defining moment and will put to test how well you are capable of marketing yourself to potential clients. Models will be judged the minute they walk into the room, open their mouth for a short interview, and show off their skills.

So what exactly is the formula for a successful go-see? Well, seeing that a model’s capability varies per person, a lot of people will have various ways to impress casting directors, and in the end, it all boils down to how confident and well prepared you happen to be.

We have rounded up some helpful go-see tips that will make you feel extra prepared for that day. First thing you have to bear in mind is that go-sees are basically similar to job interviews. You are looking into impressing the casting director and standing out.

Here are some essential model go-see tips that every rookie should take note of.

1. Be ready and prepared

BCBG Model Casting Call

Readiness should come the night before. There is no sense cramming all your needs in the morning of your go-see as this may cause several accidents. You may end up forgetting a thing or two that needed for the day. So list all your go-see must haves (oil control sheets, lip gloss, etc.), that way you can take note of anything you could be missing out. Pack everything you need in a small bag and don’t go overboard with the things needed.

2. Practice


Practice your walk, your talk, and your look. As we have mentioned, you are judged based on your overall facade. Casting directors can set unrealistic expectations, so it’s best to meet at least close to the actual criteria.

In front of a full body mirror, try walking in heels. Study your facial expression and body movements. You may consult a professional if you need any help sharpening your skills. Other than this, it is important to also be able to talk well. Models aren’t just pretty faces or svelte bodies, they are also part brand ambassadors. So casting directors are looking for models that are basically the whole package. Work on your people skills to be able to market yourself well in your go-see.

3. Know the basics

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Basic pertains to the standard model look when it comes to go-sees. Generally, a go-see look involves a plain top, black or denim jeans that don’t have any designs, and high heels. Do your research and know how to best achieve a natural-looking makeup for a go-see. If you are meeting with clients, that requires other pieces of clothing such as swimwear or lingerie.

4. Take inspiration from veteran models


Do you like Naomi Campbell’s runway walk? Or are you more of a Linda Evangelista fan? No matter who you idolize from the modeling industry, it is always safe to draw inspiration from their style. Bear in mind that you still need to make your walk original to stand out, as this business is always looking for fresh talents rather than copycats. Learn the difference between drawing inspiration and completely copying others by finding what out what you can do yourself.

5. Do your research


Agencies, casting directors, and designers love it when models know what they happen to be auditioning for. Impress them with your knowledge by doing your research days ahead, especially if you have your eyes on auditioning for their company.

Be sure to be honest on what you know about the brand rather than rambling out things that you aren’t quite familiar with for the sake of showing off, as this will be obvious and could end up being a huge minus on your part.

6. Be pleasing and polite


A pretty face and a fierce walk is nothing when a model has a rotten attitude. Come in your casting call greeting everyone professionally and leave the same way no matter what the end results are. Companies in general are drawn to people who are accommodating, as this will give them a sense of whom they’re going to work with. Remember, you only have one shot in giving them a good first impression, so make the most of it to increase your chances of having a successful go-see.