Bad Habits of Actors

Bad Habits of Actors That You Need to Avoid

The bad habits of actors can come at the cost of their career. So if you want to be the respected and revered performer you truly are, it is best to avoid picking up a few malpractices as you navigate through the business.

Explore Talent has listed down the top bad habits of actors that you definitely need to steer clear of.

Bad Habits of Actors That May Ruin Your Career

1. Posting too much on social media

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Sure, social media can be personalized to your own liking, but that doesn’t mean you should be posting about every single thing going on in your life. Your auditions are also something you need to keep to yourself. While people may be happy after you book your first gig, you might want to avoid placing a lengthy post about each milestone you achieved in life. Remember, not everyone wants to see post after post with a single #blessed caption in each of them.

2. Dropping names

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One of the most common bad habits of actors, especially rookie ones, is name-dropping. So you worked with Neil Patrick Harris on Broadway, great! Now you don’t need to tell everyone what he ate that day and how he liked his coffee. This not only invades the actor’s personal privacy, but you’re also displaying wildly obnoxious behavior.

3. Boasting about top-secret projects

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Boasting, in general, is something that most people frown on. Constantly yapping on how you’re involved with an upcoming theater production can easily make anyone lose interest in conversing with you. Not everything that goes on in your life deserves to make front page news, so try to be more discreet in the future.

Do bear in mind that some contracts prohibit you from disclosing any information about certain projects. So be a little more mindful of what you say (especially in social media) as you wouldn’t want to put your job at risk.

4. Giving up easily

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Feelings of negativity are uncommon among actors particularly for someone who has experienced rejection over and over again. The key to overcoming this is to not take the rejection personally. There are many reasons you did not get the part, but that doesn’t mean your career is coming to an end. Keep pushing forward and find more ways to make yourself stand out. Remember, one small bump in the road should not be enough to dampen your dreams for good.