Top Animated Disney Films That Deserve Live Action Remakes

It seems like the attention on Disney has been focused on its slew of Marvel Superhero films as well as the recently rebooted Star Wars franchise. But the heart of Disney movies has always been with its beloved animated films, that many of the old and new generation have come to love. There has been an equal amount of success with Cinderella, Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland, and Maleficent over recent years, that it has prompted Disney to create even more live action remakes, seeing that it clicks with general audiences.

Among these reboots that have been announced and confirmed are Cruella, Tinkerbell, and Maleficent 2 starring Emma Stone and Reese Witherspoon respectively, and Angelina Jolie reprising her role as Maleficent in the movie’s planned sequel. These big-shot Hollywood actresses have only added more hype to the films, and expectations have been set at an all-time high when they hit cinemas soon enough. But for now, productions for these movies have kept mum and are currently under wraps until further announcements.

Aside from these confirmed movies, including the remake of Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson, ExploreTalent gives you a list of animated films that also deserve its live action remake.

The Little Mermaid


It was announced that Sofia Coppola was to direct the movie that is based on the original Hans Christian Andersen story (not connected anyhow to the Disney classic or to Disney studios for that matter), and young actress Chloe Moretz will be taking on the lead role. But Coppola left shortly after and was replaced by director Rebecca Thomas. Word on the street is that this will be a more mature and darker retelling of the story—so minus the signature song and dance number, as well as the happy ending.

Fans of the Disney classic would still love to see the animated film become a reality feature with all the Disney elements blended to it. But since no such project has been announced, time will only tell.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire


When former Disney child star Cole Sprouse dressed up as Milo Thatcher for Halloween, it sparked everyone’s interest into letting the 2001 movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire get its much awaited reboot. Apparently, Disney hasn’t heard their pleas, as there has been no word on even the slightest possibility of it happening. Still, Atlantis has all the makings of a blockbuster movie and has potential to follow the steps of the epic adventure series that was Pirates of the Caribbean. 



So Hercules has been one of the overused film titles over history. Remember that one with Twilight actor Kellan Lutz? If you don’t, then there’s no need to worry since you aren’t alone, as only a few have actually succeeded in making mythology-themed movies an actual success in the box office. One of this was the animated Disney movie Hercules, which was coupled with an awe-inspiring soundtrack with Michael Bolton on vocals. So with that, maybe Disney would consider bringing back Hercules and still incorporate that same heartwarming and family-friendly themes into it.

Lilo & Stitch

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With Disney announcing its first Polynesian princess in the form of Moana, maybe they would like to revisit the same roots in the process. Lilo and Stitch turned out to be a certified hit, with many praising its family-centered values. It would be a challenge for Disney to bring to life Stitch and his gang of aliens in CGI form, but seeing how advanced movie making has become, it wouldn’t be an impossible feat.



One of Disney’s most iconic princesses was Mulan. It had themes of feminism and also gave us an overview of the colorful culture of ancient China, not to mention the movie had one of the most iconic musical scores in Disney history. The film’s reception was generally positive, with numerous people praising its vibrancy and narrative. If Disney decided to bring this back in modern times, it would surely be a hit among young children as it sets an early example on bravery and courage in the face of adversity.

Treasure Planet

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This is an animated film based on another live action movie called Treasure Island. While Treasure Planet did not get as much attention as its predecessor, it still has the potential of becoming another hit should Disney give the go signal for a reboot.