Top Actors Who Could Replace Daniel Craig as James Bond

For four movies, actor Daniel Craig has played the iconic role of James Bond. Each of his movies have done well in the box office and are often met with good reviews from critics. But apparently, rumors have it that the actor is ready to hang up his suit and tie. Should this be anywhere near the truth, then the part of the most popular spy in the whole world should be opened for another actor to take.

James Bond or Agent 007 was created by the late author Ian Fleming, and producers have been sticking close to the character as possible when it comes to creating the films. Bond is noted for his sex appeal, taste for danger, and English charm. Among his physical traits would have to be his heritage, Bond needs to be of English origin, but producers have been open to Welsh, Irish, or Scottish actors. His age needs to be under forty years old, and lastly, Bond needs to be Caucasian (as depicted in the books), which leaves previous front-runner Idris Alba out of the picture.

While no such announcement has been made yet, ExploreTalent has put up together a list of actors who could play 007, and considering their film credits, they wouldn’t have so much trouble in doing so.

1. Henry Cavill


Henry Cavill may not be doing great in the box office lately, as his last two big productions namely 2015’s The Man from U.N.C.L.E and the recent Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice had disappointing box-office returns. But needless to say, Cavill has always been an option to play James Bond. For one thing, he is English, and another is that he undoubtedly is one of the sexiest actors out there.

2. Tom Hiddleston

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Perhaps his name is the most popular one on the list, as the odds of having Tom Hiddleston take on the role of James Bond even sparked an online bet! Hiddleston proves that he can do more than just play the villain by taking on multiple movie roles lately, and not to mention most of them have been met with positive reviews. It is safe to say that Hiddleston will bring in some old-English charm back to the Bond films.

3. Tom Hardy


Yet another Tom that is doing well in Hollywood nowadays is Mad Max: Fury Road actor Tom Hardy. There are two issues that deter him from bagging the role, though. One is that he may be too muscled for it, as James Bond has been known to have a smaller frame. Another would be his roles playing rowdy men instead of refined. But with a little Hollywood magic and Hardy’s versatility, he can transform anytime.

4. Benedict Cumberbatch


The best thing about Benedict Cumberbatch is that he already plays a historical British spy in the form of Sherlock HolmesSo to even further his career in the industry, playing James Bond would be absolutely perfect for him.

Currently, Cumberbatch has Marvel’s Doctor Strange to be released toward the end of 2016, and should that film do well, then that would tie him in for the upcoming Avengers movies, so we’re not really sure if he is up for different film franchises . Still, it would be amazing to see Cumberbatch play James Bond since he has that classic sense to him, and in return it would take a lot of fans back to the time Sean Connery played the role.

5. Aidan Turner


Cumberbatch’s Hobbit co-star Aidan Turner is another name that has been popping up in several James Bond articles lately. The strikingly handsome Irish man could follow in the footsteps of fellow Irish Bond actor Pierce Brosnan. Turner doesn’t have a lot on his plate when it comes to filmmaking lately, but he does have a starring role in the television series Poldark.

Either way, his schedule would be perfect for making a James Bond movie in the future, and a lot of people seem to be rooting for him too. Critics have pointed out his unlikely resemblance to previous front runner Colin Farrell, who was ruled out of this list because of his age, and considering how well versed Turner is in action scenes would make him just perfect for the role.