Midnight Movies

Midnight Movies You Won’t Want to Miss

If a film is already considered a midnight movie, that just means it has officially reached cult status. The number of devotees who dress up and religiously attend each screening solidifies the influence these midnight movies have on pop culture. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is often considered as the crème de la crème of all midnight movies as it unites individuals with similar interests and blesses them with an innate feeling of acceptance within a group.

So aside from the aforementioned film, ExploreTalent is bringing you […]

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Actors for Academy Award

Contemporary Actors Who Should Have Won an Academy Award Already

Receiving an Academy Award is the creme dela creme of the acting world. It is fair to say that all the deserving actors received their respective Oscar already. The latest that was added in the roster had to be Leonard DiCaprio, who won his first Oscar for Best Actor after five nominations.

But what about the actors who are yet to receive their own Oscar? With so many talented names in the business, it is quite difficult to narrow them down. However, ExploreTalent […]

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Child-Friendly Movies

Top Child-Friendly Movies Based on a Novel

A bestselling novel always manages to capture the attention of Hollywood, and there has since been a long list of book-to-movie adaptations released over the past decades. In 2016, a lot of child-friendly movies graced the big screen. There was The BFG, which is based on the classic children’s story by Roald Dahl as well as the Lewis Carroll novel Alice: Through the Looking Glass, which was helmed by Tim Burton.  

Today, ExploreTalent is looking back at children’s books that were given the onscreen treatment. On this list, […]

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Bad Movies

Bad Movies That Were Surprisingly Good

There have been a lot of bad movies released over the years that it gets difficult to keep track. Recent releases such as Suicide Squad and Gods of Egypt have become critical disappointments and were considered to be letdowns by a number of moviegoers.

So what exactly makes these movies bad?

Lackluster campaigns, cheesy trailers, and even initial word of mouth may ruin a perfectly good movie before it’s shown on theaters. On this list, ExploreTalent is looking back into the movies that were initially thought to be […]

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Non-Horro Films

Non-Horror Films That Are Treading the Line to a Full-On Terror Test

Genres used to be very distinct, but modern times call for new twists, and these days, suspense films become too suspenseful, you would think them to be horror most of the time. From the stark contrast of light and darkness to depictions of evil, horror films are not the only ones with jump scares these days. In fact, so many films convey an air of horror without being classified as such.

Here are some suspense films that tread the thin line […]

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The Most Intellectually Challenging Sci-Fi Films of All Time

Movies that intellectually challenge audiences even after the end credits roll are always worth watching. Of all genres, sci-fi has undeniably the biggest potential to bend minds. After all, sci-fi stretches a filmmaker’s imagination to an unlimited extent and allows them to create characters with story lines that twist far beyond the audience’s expectations.

So in the slew of sci-fi films that tackle on different themes such as dystopian societies, destructive technology and even space exploration, ExploreTalent has picked out the […]

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The 5 Best Action Movies of the 2010s

Action has been a universally appealing genre for movie lovers everywhere. The best action films have the ability to engage audiences in mind-blowing scenes that are used to intensify a well-made plot. Amazingly, even foreign action films deliver the same amount of action, even if movie goers have to resort to reading subs to understand what is going on. This is evidenced by the success of 2000’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Luckily, there are a number of movies that continue to carry […]

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EXPLORETALENT-BIZ-The-Best-Sci-Fi-Movies-of-the-1990s (1)

The Best Sci-Fi Movies of the 1990s

The 90s was a popular decade especially since it helped shape modern pop culture. Everything from boy bands to prequels of popular film franchises began in that decade. Science fiction is no different. But many argue that sci-fi began in the 80s, and even if that is true, then do know that the genre continued to flourish with the generation that followed.

The 1990s was a time when the film industry sought more technological advancements in terms of filmmaking. With that being […]

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5 Popular Horror Movies Based on Classic Literature

There is no secret that a majority of movies are based on classic literature, and it almost seems like Hollywood is running out of source material to get ideas from. Either way, this type of feature can come out really good or really bad. Luckily, Hollywood has been able to come up with a handful of notable horror films that have become classics just like their literary counterparts.

The films discussed in this article are notable horror movies that are based on […]

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5 Low-Budget Films of the 2010s That Everyone Needs to See

In the movie world, big budgets don’t necessarily translate to remarkable films. In 2010s, multimillion dollar films like Transformers and Batman vs. Superman have lured audiences because of their stunning visuals but failed to hold their attention until the very end. On the other hand, there have been many low-budget movies that had to deal with some limitations and had to focus and solely rely on good acting and a compelling plot instead.

The biggest drawback that low-budget movie has is that it has to depend on word […]

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Best-Movies-to-Watch-With-Your-BFF (1)

ExploreTalent: Best Movies to Watch with Your BFF

Every once in a while, a girl and her best friends would gather around and have that much-needed movie night. So if you happen to have one scheduled, you might want to check out a few film suggestions below.

Here are ExploreTalent’s list of best movies you can catch with your best friends.

1. Clueless (1995)

Clueless has to be the one of the most iconic teenage romantic comedies of all time. It has everything you […]

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The Most Unforgettable Action Scenes in Movie History

Countless films have given audiences unforgettable action scenes that intensify the viewing experience. They can come in various forms, which may involve car chases, action heroes, special effects, and countless stuntmen. The combination of these elements contribute to a heart stopping action scene.

Scanning the entire movie archives to search for action movie scenes that stood out is a grueling task, but ExploreTalent has managed to pick the best ones.

Find out if your favorite has made the list below.

1. Mad Max: […]

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Lesser-Known Vampire Films People Should Watch Instead of “Twilight”

Vampire films have been popular these past few decades, thanks in part to Interview with a Vampire and Twilight, among others. Stories about the undead held certain a certain fascination: their power, their beauty, and their mystery are all things that we would strive for, if only we can.

Still, despite the numerous vampire stories that we’ve been exposed to, we can safely say that you haven’t seen all of them simply because there are too many to begin with.

Here are a […]

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Interesting Facts About the Horror Classic ‘The Strangers’

It has been nearly a decade since audiences were presented the home invasion horror film The Strangers. Against a budget of less than $10 million, the movie went on to gross $82 million worldwide, making it a box-office success. The film’s plot is simple: an unsuspecting couple (played by Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman) find themselves targeted by masked strangers in a remote cabin. The cat-and-mouse chase is a terrifying thrill ride, and you cannot help but wonder what these masked assailants […]

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7 Popular Horror Movies That Used to Be Short Films

Every once in a while, a short film is picked up by a major production studio and made into a full-length feature. Popularity plays a key factor when it comes to turning these films to movies. If a short film manages to get attention from audiences, then you can count on production studios to start banking on its success. Another factor here is potential. Ever seen a film that you didn’t want to end? Well, if a producer gets his […]

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