5 Breakthrough Roles of Famous Actors

You have most likely heard of the phrase “a star is born!” This is usually said when an actor gets to star in a critically acclaimed film. In Hollywood, landing these roles is not as easy one-two-three, but once they get that much coveted opportunity, what they get in return is not just a few awards and recognition but a very successful acting career.

Oftentimes, they find themselves in the crossroads of show business. They can either ride on their success or choose to take […]

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Rewriting History in Film

Movies offer an extension of reality, which is why sometimes the same stories have different interpretations. There are some films that change major historical events deliberately, turning history into a more compelling story that lets people think.

Many times, these films explore ideas that create a totally different atmosphere than what people know, making its audience question what they learned from history.

These films are fictional but contain real events and settings that are familiar to many, due to their impact on […]

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Movies That Could Potentially Be Cult Favorites

For every critically or commercially successful movie, there is one or two that is left out of the public’s viewing, and for every Avatar or The Avengers that makes billions of dollars are movies that while critically successful, often don’t make so much in the box office, simply fading out of public consciousness.

However, there are times that these movies are replaced by more commercially successful ones with not nearly as much originality. The trend of cult movies began in the 1970s and […]

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Top Actors Who Could Replace Daniel Craig as James Bond

For four movies, actor Daniel Craig has played the iconic role of James Bond. Each of his movies have done well in the box office and are often met with good reviews from critics. But apparently, rumors have it that the actor is ready to hang up his suit and tie. Should this be anywhere near the truth, then the part of the most popular spy in the whole world should be opened for another actor to take.

James Bond or Agent […]

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Exploretalent Presents: The Most Memorable Mad Doctors in Film

Movies that have featured mad doctors have managed to seep in our deepest and darkest fears. But as disturbing as they are to watch, many audiences have taken note of these characters and have given them a special spot in pop culture.

These psychopaths have different back stories to tell, they were either driven to the brink of insanity or have been unfortunately born that way. Nonetheless, they are memorable and give off queasy vibes even if they are technically just […]

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Interesting Facts About Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War continues to dominate the box office since its release. Needless to say, the movie has also kept a lot of people buzzing about its engaging story line and strategic introduction of new players in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Another thing about the film that seems to be a common topic to discuss about were the lesser-known yet interesting facts about the movie. So ExploreTalent has gathered some of Captain America: Civil War‘s most fascinating trivia that have […]

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Acting Success Learned from Hollywood Star Johnny Depp

Every actor knows that Johnny Depp‘s career has been nothing short of spectacular. He has received numerous accolades and critical acclaim for his versatile acting and ability to embody different characters. Depp has also become a staple for big-budget films and franchises, but he does not shy away from biopics or indie ones either.

So just what makes Johnny Depp one of the best out there? For one thing is his likability and charm. His name alone is enough to draw […]

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Most Shocking and Controversial Films Released in the 2010s

Films have not been afraid to stray away from controversial topics such as religion, satire, or extreme violence. In early cinema, the government and the church did not hesitate when it came to banning these types of topics. This resulted in a ton of protests on the rights to express opinions through art.

But nowadays with both social media and technology prevalent, controversial films have garnered more and more audiences. Most of its themes have challenged the comfort zones of its viewers, […]

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Classic Science-Fiction Movies That Will Never Grow Old

The development of cinema has included the rise of different genres. Today, ExploreTalent gives you  science fiction. Nowadays, there are so many sci-fi films to go by. This includes reboots of classics to various franchises that have gone on to be certified hits. But the history of Science Fiction films dates back to silent cinema with A Trip to the Moon and was further solidified with the release of Stanley Kubrick‘s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Now most science fiction movies have become cult […]

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Movies That Will Make You Assess Your Own Reality

Watching movies can be thought provoking, as they tell lessons or stories based from the character’s experiences. The best movies in the industry are the ones that leave the audiences thinking because it makes the film less forgettable that way.

The most common question that a viewer may ask themselves is what would happen if they would be in the character’s shoes? What if their reality was not as normal as they have thought it to be? There is an endless […]

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Every Model’s Must-Have Looks for Spring

Spring time means vibrant colors and comfy outfits. As a model, you’ll need to be up to date with the latest trends that will make you look like you just stepped out of the runway for all the right reasons. ExploreTalent is about to bring you the latest fashion looks just in time for the season. Take inspiration from top bloggers, celebrities, and models while incorporating your own sense of style.

1. Bright and bold lips

Bright lipstick are so in for […]

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Top Animated Disney Films That Deserve Live Action Remakes

It seems like the attention on Disney has been focused on its slew of Marvel Superhero films as well as the recently rebooted Star Wars franchise. But the heart of Disney movies has always been with its beloved animated films, that many of the old and new generation have come to love. There has been an equal amount of success with Cinderella, Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland, and Maleficent over recent years, that it has prompted […]

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ExploreTalent’s List of Best Action Movie Sequels

Sequels have been a common fixture in Hollywood for a long time, so it’s not uncommon for many films to get one even if the sequel is released several years after the first movie. However, most of these big-budget sequels fall short of expectations as modern-day directors rely mostly on action sequences rather than fixed narratives. But a handful have fared pretty well with audiences and have gone on to ride on the same success as its predecessors.

Today, ExploreTalent will […]

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Celebrity Advice: Words of Wisdom from Hollywood Stars

Reject. A word that is synonymous to the word refuse—heartbreaking for the artistic souls. What’s even more heartbreaking is that there is no shortage of it. Whether you’re a beginner in the biz or a veteran, artists—may they be writers, or painters, or singers, musicians, or actors—will all have to face rejection at some point or another.

Unlike logical souls, artists need more than that 1 percent of inspiration to survive in their chosen fields. Everything else relies on equal amounts of […]

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Naomi Campbell Shares Lifestyle and Beauty Tips

Naomi Campbell got into the modeling industry at the age of 15 after she was discovered by a casting agent and asked to try modeling herself. What happened next was a long and fruitful career as she is now one of the most prominent figures in fashion to date.

With her glowing skin, slender legs, and beautiful figure, it’s hard to imagine if Naomi Campbell is really a day over forty. But regardless of how old she is, Campbell has always looked breathtakingly beautiful. […]

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